7. XRootD.client.utils: Utility classes

class XRootD.client.utils.AsyncResponseHandler[source]

Utility class to handle asynchronous method calls.


Block and wait for the async response

class XRootD.client.utils.CopyProgressHandler

Utility class to handle progress updates from copy jobs


This class does nothing by itself. You have to subclass it and do something useful with the progress updates yourself.

begin(id, total, source, target)

Notify when a new job is about to start

  • id (integer) – the job number of the copy job concerned
  • total (integer) – total number of jobs being processed
  • source (XRootD.client.URL object) – the source url of the current job
  • target (XRootD.client.URL object) – the destination url of the current job

Notify when the previous job has finished

Parameters:status (XRootD.client.responses.XRootDStatus object) – status of the job
update(processed, total)

Notify about the progress of the current job

  • processed (integer) – bytes processed by the current job
  • total (integer) – total number of bytes to be processed by the current job

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